Monday, September 19, 2011

Program posted

The program for Aquafeed Horizons 2012 is complete and has been posted to the conference website ( We have a great line-up for you:

In the morning, hear talks on:
- The missing link for fish meal substitution: low‐cost, high‐volume, sustainable protein and EPA‐rich microalgae (spirulina) biomass
- Total replacement of fish meal by poultry by‐product meal in shrimp feeds
- New high protein soybean meals without anti‐nutritionals for aquafeed
- A review of amino acids levels in fishmeal in Southeast Asia
- Reducing feed cost in aquaculture by optimizing nutrient utilization and gut health

In the afternoon there will be an extrusion workshop:
Practical extrusion and diet development for extrusion processing with Peter Hutchinson, E.N. Hutchinson

Download the full program and get great early registration discounts at